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Bulloch House - Little Bali 003.jpg



Bulloch House - Little Bali 013.jpg

Situated in its own private garden within the Bulloch House property is Little Bali Bofa, a traditional Limasan hut from Java. It is a traditional single-space structure built in Teak from Java Indonesia. The East side is retained as part of the original building and the other sides have been fitted with doors, windows and panels made from Teak and some made locally from cypress wood to complete the wooden structure.

Bulloch House - Little Bali 021.jpg

A separate kitchen fully equipped and an outhouse block comprising a shower, wash area and compost toilet complete the compound.

The gardens comprises both indigenous plants and exotic plants. The Balinese statues that grace the compound all come from Bali same as most of the wooden furniture and pieces located in the hut itself.

Bulloch House - Little Bali 019.jpg

The floors are all old Teak but the center is made with local Mvuli wood. Ceilings and roof are completed in gunny sacking and makuti to keep the natural look.

Access to the beach is only a two-minute walk from the gate of the property. Please liaise with staff if you want to go the beach and they will direct you on how to get there.

Bulloch House - Little Bali 003.jpg